Types of marine survey

There are different types of Marine Surveys. And depending on your needs, you can choose one of the following boat inspection types. To help you determine the type of survey your boat needs, we provide a brief description of each.

Pre-purchase survey

A full "Condition & Valuation" (C&V) survey. Includes maritime inspection in and out of the water, sea trials, testing of all boat systems and equipment. Full engine surveying is not included.

Engine survey

A full engine & generator survey is recommended in addition to the regular pre-purchase boat survey. May include a compression check and laboratory testing of oil samples.

Insurance survey

Limited “Condition Assessment” (C&V) yacht inspection. Performed for insurance companies. Different insurance companies may have their own requirements and list what need to be checked.

Superyacht surveying

This is a much more detailed marine survey conducted before buying an expensive, custom-built mega yacht and performed by high-qualified professionals.

Boat appraisal

This is a type of marine survey conducted to determine the approximate cost of the boat. It's used for financing, divorce, estate settlements, or if you want to donate your boat.

Damage survey

Marine damage survey may be required after an accident or storm damage. This inspection determining the nature, cause and extent of damage to a boat.

LIST OF San Diego Boat Surveyors

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If you have any questions regarding the scope of the inspection, its cost, or any other questions related to the inspection, you should discuss them directly with the surveyors.

Christian & Co and Kells Christian have been working on your safety and the seaworthiness of your vessel since 1995.
Kells is one of the most professional San Diego marine surveyors. He has over 26 years of experience in the field.

MR. JOHN JAY FLACHSENHAR, JR marine surveyor


Certified NAMS Surveyor Member since 1977 NAMS-CMS. Graduate Engineer U.C. Berkeley. Extensive experienced with hull and machinery associated with ships, large power craft and small craft. Lives in Dubuque, Iowa (Accept assignment in San Diego per request only).

MR. CHUCK DRISCOLL marine surveyor


Chuck is a native San Diegan and part of the Driscoll family organization. Chuck is a very recognizable figure in the San Diego Boating Community. A graduate of the University of San Diego, Chuck was a local Marine Surveyor with Frank K. Wyatt Marine Surveyors Inc. for twenty one years.

JAMES THOMAS marine surveyor

James E Thomas is a Marine Surveyor who developed the passion for boating at a very early age and has served the marine industry for forty years.

Since 1976, he explored his interest in boats and developed a passion for sailing in the sea.

Todd Schwede marine surveyor


Todd & Associates Marine Surveyors & Claims Settling Agents has been a pioneer in Infrared Thermographic marine vessel inspections and has conducted over 1,500 non-destructive infrared boat inspections. We have conducted over 10,000 damaged vessel survey inspections.

Todd & Associates, Inc.
Website | Email
Reviews: Google | Yelp

Gene P. Hillger is the part of Arnold & Arnold Inc who heads the Blue Water Hull department of the company now. Gene is one of the marine hull surveyors and is responsible for adjusting the managing claims, thereby handling the full line of adjusting.

President of The Society of Accredited Marine Surveyors.

BRYAN CLEMONS marine surveyor


Bryan is marine surveyor in San Diego, CA.

The Marine Specialists


Maxwell Schwede, Accredited Marine Surveyor (AMS), Certified Marine Investigator (CMI), Certified Fraud Examiner (CFE) – has worked with Todd & Associates since 2008. Max is also a Level III Infrared Thermographer.

Todd & Associates, Inc
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George Jarvie (AMS #941) provides the expert analysis you are looking for when you want an impartial assessment of the condition and value of a boat – whether you are an independent buyer of a boat or an insurance company seeking value information.

Jarvie Marine Surveyors


John is marine surveyor in San Diego, CA.

John Prentice MMS


Billy is marine surveyor in San Diego, CA.

Billy Fox Marine Surveyor
Bradley Destache kicked off his career in the boating industry in 1992 after joining Mariners License Prep school in Point Loma, California (San Diego).


Douglas G. Emley is marine surveyor in San Diego, CA.

Douglas G. Emley, AMS®


Michael is marine surveyor in San Diego, CA.

Michael Weston, AMS®


Boat Surveyor, Doug Wright, has been surveying sail, power, and commercial vessels for many years in California. And he will present a very informative seminar on what the surveyor looks for and how he examines problems which he may find.

Doug Wright Marine Surveyor
  619-222-8882 |  619-395-4491


Michael is marine surveyor from Dana Point, CA. Serving Southern California: San Diego, Oceanside, Dana Point, Newport Beach, Alamitos Bay, Long Beach, Los Angeles, San Pedro, Willmington, Riverside.
So Cal Survey, LLC 
Power Boat Haul Out survey

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Find out how much a marine survey costs in San Diego

To make the marine survey process as smooth as possible, we recommend
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yourself with the marine survey checklist. You can download it and use it during survey.


Free online boat survey checklist template

There are several factors you need to consider before buying a boat. However, with so many factors, you’re bound to miss out on something. But what if you get a boat survey checklist that has all the necessary factors?


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Our recommendations

Do your research online. Talk to people and ask recommendations.

Ask the surveyor what will be checked, how long it will take, and how the report will look like.

Watch videos to know how the marine survey process is going. Check examples of survey checklists.

During the survey ask all questions you have. Marine Surveyor working on your behalf and for you.

Survey Types