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Bradley Destache kicked off his career in the boating industry in 1992 after joining Mariners License Prep school in Point Loma, California (San Diego). Bradley gained his experience by working as a deckhand on a local sport-fishing boat while enjoying the sea time to his fullest. Soon, by the end of one season, Bradley Destache was approached by John and Pat Rains yacht Delivery Company to join him on the crew for worldwide relocation projects. Bradley did his first delivery project of an 80-foot Hatteras motor yacht from East Coast to West Coast. His next learning experience proved quite significant when he joined a permanent crew on a 58-foot sport fisher that traveled to Catalina Island every weekend during summers while managing the Bessel in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico during the winters.

Bradley Destache soon became focused on the management and maintenance of the marine equipment that convinced him to obtain factory certifications from numerous manufacturers. Bradley developed his interest in outfitting, refitting, and complete commissioning of power and sailboats during his tenure in a San Diego based company in the Shelter Island Boatyard. He said that such skills were hard to learn in classical Marine tech schools. Finally, in 2008, he opened his own business in San Diego where he installed various systems, managed them, and upgraded them, thereby increasing his skill level. His projects revolve around navigation equipment, plumbing, electrical and mechanical work.


  • Society of Accredited Marine Surveyors, SAMS


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