About the project

My name is Anri Uznali. 

I created this website to make the boat survey process easier for anyone doing it for the first time.

When I was buying a 32ft sailboat here in San Diego, I found it tricky to get the survey done. There are a few steps you need to take. For example, determine what type of survey you need, how much it costs, what the process is, how to find a professional surveyor, and what to expect in the end.

I have created a list of all San Diego Marine Surveyors with their contact details, Yelp and Google reviews, information on what type of surveys they provide. And this is just beginning.

I did research, talked to many marine surveyors, collected all the available information.
Even more, I’m involving other professionals to share their experience here, to give you the best tips and recommendations.

If you like what we do, please add your review to Google and Yelp.

Have any recommendations on how we can improve the website? Please send them to us!

I hope this website will help you find all the answers!

Best regards,
Anri Uznali

Anri Uznali