Find out how much a marine survey costs

Find out how much a marine survey costs

How much does a marine survey cost?

The cost of a pre-purchase MARINE survey: $25 – $35 per foot.
Insurance Condition & Valuation (C&V) Marine Survey COST: $20 – $28 per foot.
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The Cost of a Marine Survey is Your Investment

Let’s Talk About Marine Survey Costs.

Before you purchase a new yacht is important to get a boat inspection done. This will ensure that you are making a solid investment well into the future. The only problem is the wide variety of different types of boat inspections. For those new to the boating world, figuring out which survey is the correct one can be challenging. To help you better understand which survey is right for you, here are the different types of yacht inspections and how much they cost.

Types of Boat Surveys

Pre-Purchase Survey

Fee – Usually Around $25-$35 Per Foot

What’s It For
The pre-purchase inspection happens before purchasing a boat. This inspection makes sure that you aren’t wasting your money on a useless boat.

Insurance Survey

Fee – Between $20 – $28 Per Foot

What’s It For
An insurance boat survey will assess the value of a vessel for insurance purposes. This will allow the insurance company to offer the proper coverage, and protect you if something ever goes wrong5

Appraisal Survey

Fee – Generally a set fee, determined by the surveyor.

What’s It For
This boat check is necessary to determine the fair market value. This particular inspection is less in-depth than a condition and value (C&V) check, and the marine survey cost is slightly lower.

Engine Survey

Fee – Usually Based on a Set Rate per Engine

What’s It For
This particular marine survey cost is a little more expensive than the others. Despite the slightly elevated cost, the engine check is crucial to ensure you don’t get stuck out on the water.

Frequently Asked Questions About Marine Survey and Costs

Who Pays for a Marine Survey

Depending on which type of boat check you need to be performed, a different party may be responsible for payment. For example, the pre-purchase inspection is typically paid for by the buyer of a vessel. While in the case of the insurance or appraisal boat survey, the burden of payment generally goes to the current owner.

How Much is the Haul Out

When trying to calculate the total marine survey cost, don’t forget about haul out fees. Generally, the buyer pays for the haul-out, which is essential to get an accurate boat check. The cost of a haul out varies depending on the surveyor, so make sure and ask about this expense beforehand.

What Do You Get After the Survey

A portion of the boat survey cost is the generation of a detailed report. This report will detail all of the critical yacht systems, and the sheer amount of information justifies a boat inspection cost.

How Long After a Marine Survey Until I Get a Report

Different surveyors have different processing times before they produce a report. Part of the boat survey cost is a detailed report, so they will need 1 to 3 days to make sure everything is correct.

No Matter the Boat Survey Cost, It Pays for Itself

The cost of a marine survey is minuscule compared to the massive benefits you’ll receive. Spending a little bit of money to get the correct inspection will ensure you’re getting a high-quality boat. Part of being a yacht owner is getting an inspection done to make sure your vessel is seaworthy. So, instead of wondering how much a marine survey costs, it’s better to think about how much a survey will save you.